How to Obtain the Baby Sitting Badge in Girl Scouts?

Attend a babysitter education class. These classes are available at many hospitals, institutions, and community organizations. It’s possible that your Girl Scout council will as well. (This step and step 1 of the Cadette First Aid badge are completed if you attend a course that involves first aid instruction.)

Similarly, How do you get Girl Scout Cadette badges?

Download our requirements overview from the Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting for a description of the main Cadette badges and their criteria Complete two activity plans and one Take Action initiative to get this prize: Breathe Activity Schedule 1.Activity Plan for Breathing 2.Make your own Breathe Activity Plan 3 (Action Project)!

Also, it is asked, How do you get the Cadette night owl badge?

Owl at night (Cadette badge) 1st Step: Go on a field trip to investigate the night. 2 Step 2: Take a nighttime tour of your world. 3 Step 3: Network with others who work nights. 4 Step 4: Go out at night to explore nature. 5th Step: Throw a Wild Nighttime Party. 5.1 CAREER OPTIONS TO CONSIDER 6 Finish your journey by adding the badge.

Secondly, Can Girl Scouts earn retired badges?

Badge Retired These are legitimate Girl Scout badges that have been discontinued from current Girl Scout programming. However, once official, it is always official. So, if your unit comes across a retired badge at any level that you’d want to finish, go ahead and do it.

Also, How do you get the Science of Happiness badge?

Cadettes will achieve their badge by doing the following for at least two weeks and seeing improvements in their delight and disposition. 2) For happiness, think differently. a) Visit to see our Pinterest page. b) Attempt at least two pins.

People also ask, What are the Cadette badges?

Badges and Journeys from the Cadette National Program Cadette.Outdoors. Trekker. Environmentalist. Night.\sEntrepreneurship. Cookie, the pioneer. Journey Awards. Cookie Breathe. Set. It’s Your World — Enjoy It! MEdia. Set. Tell Your Story, It’s Your Story! aMAZE! Set. Change the World! It’s Your World! Consider yourself a programmer. Information Technology Consider yourself an engineer.

Related Questions and Answers

Is there a sewing badge for Girl Scouts?

Sew Much Fun Studios can help you get your Girl Scout Sewing badge. We can create exchanges for your troop, tote bags, aprons, and just about anything else you can think of! You can learn to sew while earning your badge and having a good time. A maximum of six female scouts are allowed.

What badges are in the Cadette outdoor journey?

The Cadette Outdoor Journey includes three badges (Night Owl, Trailblazing, and Primitive Camper) as well as three Take Action meetings.

What do you do with extra Girl Scout badges?

Displaying Badges and Patches in Novel Ways Attach ribbons on them. Ribbons are simply customized and may be strung on your wall or connected to your bag! Vests of paper Make your own Girl Scout outfit using a paper bag or file folder! Bridging or Graduating Girls Bouquets of paper Pillows and quilts

Did Girl Scouts ever sell chocolate chip cookies?

Darn it, it’s true. After a three-year run, my secret addiction, the Girl Scout Le Chip chocolate chip cookie, has been discontinued. Chocolate chips are as American as the reason.

What is the science of happiness?

Our flagship online course, The Science of Happiness, delves into the origins of living a happy and meaningful life. Students interact with some of the science’s most intriguing and practical teachings, learning how cutting-edge research may be applied to their own lives.

What are the six levels of Girl Scouts?

Learn about the many Girl Scout levels and how they differ. Daisies. Brownies, grades K-1. Juniors, grades 2-3. Cadettes, grades 4-5. Seniors, grades 6-8. Ambassadors, grades 9-10. 11-12 grades

How do you complete a Cadette journey?

To get it, girls must accomplish three of the nine tasks mentioned on pages 12–15 of the girl book’s Interact Challenges chart. The Cadettes are invited to attempt simple, constructive ways of engaging in their everyday lives via these challenges, which are based on issues the girls will discover throughout their trip.

What is a Cadette Girl Scout?

Cadettes in Girl Scouts (Grade 6-8) Being a Girl Scout Cadette is all about making true blue friends, defending the world, standing up to stereotypes, and utilizing their group strength for the greater good.

How do you get the staying fit badge for Junior?

For a week, try 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day. Aerobic exercises cause your heart to beat quickly. Jump-roping, running, bicycling, and dancing are all enjoyable activities. Any sort may be mixed and matched!

Can a man be a Girl Scout leader?

We are delighted to have them join our volunteer family. Dads are often unaware that they may serve as leaders, cookie organizers, and outdoor teachers. There are several volunteer opportunities! Jon Call, a long-time Girl Scout parent, has volunteered for 10 years to assist his daughters’ groups.

Is there a Girl Scout equivalent to Eagle Scout?

The Girl Scout Gold Medal, akin to the Boy Scouts of America’s Eagle Scout, is the highest and most prestigious award in Girl Scouting. Girl Scouts have been making a positive difference in their communities and throughout the globe since 1916.

Can Girl Scouts earn fun patches on their own?

Your Girl Scout may still earn badges at home, whether your troop has switched to virtual meetings or everyone has opted to postpone all activities for the time being.

What badges can Brownies earn?

Brownie Badges of Interest Brownie Badge for Collecting Interest My Rights Interest Badge, Brownie Local History Interest Badge for Brownies Brownie Badge for Performing Interest Soon, the Brownie Baking Interest Badge will be available. Badge for Brownie Painting Interest. Brownie Interest in Dancing Badge Brownie Grow Your Own Passion Badge

What are the new Girl Scout badges?

The new Girl Scout badges are as follows: Nature’s Math (Daisies through Juniors) It’s time to venture outside after a year of studying indoors! Business of Cookies (Daisies through Ambassadors) Digital Management (Daisies through Ambassadors)

What is the Cadette outdoor journey?

Night Owl, Trailblazing, Primitive Camper, and three more badges make up the Cadette Outdoor Journey. Meetings to Take Action Complete the meetings in the following sequence to complete the Journey: Badge for Night Owl (2 meetings)

What badges do Daisies earn?

$10.00 Daisy Petal Set $8.00 for Journey Award Badges $3.50 for Leaves & Badges $4.50 for My Promise, My Faith. $4.50 Safety Award $4.00 Summit Award $19.50 vest Tunic costs $19.50.

Why do Girl Scouts hold up 3 fingers?

When you utter the Girl Scout Promise, you make the Girl Scout sign. The sign is made with the right hand by holding down the little finger with the thumb while extending the three middle fingers to indicate the three components of the Promise. The Quiet Sign is a method of quieting a crowd without yelling.

Can you sell Girl Scout badges?

I was able to resale a number of additional products, which helped my group pay for other necessities. Binders, manuals, and additional patches were all good moneymakers. My elder daughter’s Brownie and Junior vest badges were even sold for her so she could have some spending money.

Is Girl Scout memorabilia worth anything?

Because there are so many different sorts of Girl Scout memorabilia, there is a wide range of values for Girl Scout artifacts when they hit the market. Traditional Girl Scout goods, such as entire uniforms, valuable timepieces, and lithographic cookie boxes, typically sell for $200 to $1,200.

Which Girl Scout Cookies are being discontinued 2021?

51 Girl Scout cookie kinds are no longer available. Thanks-A-Lot, a popular cookie, was just withdrawn in 2021 after 15 years on the market. Toast-Yay, a French toast-flavored cookie coated in icing, has taken its place.

What are the peanut butter Girl Scout Cookies?

Patties with Peanut Butter® Crispy vanilla cookies with a peanut butter layer and a chocolate covering.

What are the 7 Habits of happiness?

Here are seven of the happiest people’s behaviors, all backed up by data. They choose for compassion. They believe in forgiveness. They have a natural curiosity. They show their appreciation. They are quite generous. They are patient people. A thankfulness notebook is kept by them.


The “babysitter cadette badge requirements” is a badge that can be obtained by Girl Scouts. The requirements are as follows:
– Be in the Girl Scout troop for at least six months, or have earned three badges.
– Complete a service project, like helping with a food drive or visiting an elderly person.,
– Attend a meeting every month for six months.

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The “cadette badge requirements pdf” is a document that lists the requirements to earn the Baby Sitting Badge in Girl Scouts. The badge is awarded to girls who have completed one of three levels of training, which includes completing a course on first aid and CPR and being certified as an emergency medical technician.

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